Sabrina B.

There must be something in the Brooklyn water, because the Nets seem to think of themselves rather highly. Gerald Wallace is the latest player in BK to make a grandiose statement about his new squad. From the NY Post:

“When Joe Johnson was officially introduced as a Net on Friday, he said they are already the top team in New York. When Gerald Wallace was given an opportunity to voice his opinion on the subject yesterday during a conference call to announce his re-signing with the team, he was much more diplomatic.

‘No comment,’ he said. Still, Wallace — the first of the many transactions the Nets completed over the last month when he agreed to a four-year, $40 million deal — is excited about the potential for their first season in Brooklyn. ‘I feel like we’ve pretty much put ourselves up there in the top five,’ Wallace said. ‘We haven’t proven anything … the teams that are ahead of us are teams that have already proven themselves, that have already been in the postseason. On paper … it doesn’t mean anything. We’ve just got to go out there and perform every night and make it happen.’”