Everyday we here at IFWT are going to count down the 20 most greatest team USA basketball sneakers of all time. Starting with number 20 today. We bring you the Reebok Preacher Ice worn by Superman a.k.a. Shaquille O’Neal. Hit the jump to see a pic and also read up on the sneaker history. Hit the jump for more info…




14. Reebok Preacher Ice

Player: Shaquille O’Neal

Year: 1996

Not as memorable as Shaq’s Shaqnosis (which he practiced in), but on the big stage he broke out the big-man version of The Question with the Reebok Preacher Ice. It shared a similar design as AI’s classic kicks with the honeycomb look of the Hexalite cushioning, the ice outsole, and overall cut of the shoe.