I’m going to #KeepIt100. Our guy Bow Wow needs to just sit back, reflect and perhaps take a break from Twitter for a while…and music. And let’s be clear, all you people that can’t read properly…these are the words and opinions of ME, MARISA MENDEZ. Not Funk Flex. And let’s also be clear…his is NOT hate. Bow’s cool. I have “Fresh Azimiz”, “Like You”, “My Name Is”, “Thank You” and even a couple others in my iPod! But he still needs to have a seat. Now that we have that squared away, please proceed to the “read more” button for my reasoning.

Marisa Mendez

1. He’s Ungrateful
We have watched this kid go through meltdown after meltdown on everyone’s favorite social network. We saw him tell the world he wishes he was DEAD back in 2010. He “sacrificed” his life for this hip-hop sh*t. You and so many others, Shad. Diddy’s been in this game since before you could even talk. Have we seen him ever be that UNGRATEFUL? I know pressures get to you, but can you imagine how many people would kill to be in your shoes? If it’s so horrible, trade in everything “this hip-hop sh*t” has done for you right now, and go back to being regular Shad Moss. Nah? Thought so.

2. He Can’t Take A Joke
Aren’t you supposed to have thick skin in this game? A fake RT had this dude almost delete his Twitter last summer. Pull your skirt down, fam.

3. He Can’t Admit NONE Of His Songs Are Hitting!
Bow has put out song after vlog, vlog after song since signing a deal with Cash Money Records. He’s had stars like Lil Wayne and T-Pain on his songs. NONE of them are in rotation at the number 1 urban station in the number 1 market in the country, Hot 97. None of them have really done too well on the charts. I guess he came to this realization, and decided to tell Twitter he doesn’t want to put out Underrated because he’s getting no help and he’d rather do shows and make money. Be real, man! The songs aren’t working. It’s OK! Regroup. Breathe, stretch, shake. Everyone is one hit away from being relevant again. It can still happen.

4. You’re Giving Us The Wrong Stuff
There are some pretty crazy allegations out there against Bow Wow. Kat Stacks said he well, got Kat Stack’d. His baby mother’s sister says he has only seen his daughter a handful of times since her birth last year. None of us know the real deal but him. So instead of having Twitter meltdowns and stuff, why not answer what we really want to know!

And my final reason, the reason that prompted me to make this post:

5. He Thinks We Are All Retarded
Are we REALLY supposed to believe you got hacked?! After you put a bounty on someone’s head like a DAMN FOOL, then got crazy backlash for it and even threats of a lawsuit from doing so. And suddenly you get hacked? WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE! This kid takes us for fools, guys. No country for Bow Wow.

BUT as I said, this is not all hate. Let’s remember why he’s here in the first place:

  • He’ been in the game (and stayed relevant enough that he still has a deal!) since 2000
  • He’ put out 6 albums
  • He’s starred in various successful films, including Like Mike
  • Out of the aforementioned 6 albums, 2 have been certified platinum and 3 gold. (As of October 2006, Wanted sold 956k so it could have very well made it out of gold and been certified platinum by now. There weren’t updated stats.)
  • He’s won numerous awards from BET, Billboard and more.

So in conclusion, Bow Wow should just go on a really long vacation. Kick back and regroup dude. Then get back in the studio, recreate the magic you once made and all will be well.