If you ever watched Cocaine Cowboys then you know exactly who this woman is. Her role in the import business of cocaine will forever be remembered. Her nickname was “The Godmother” but as we know from the documentaries she was definitely “The Queen Of Cocaine. Griselda Blanco was shot in the head in medellin, Colombia. Two men riding a motorcycle opened fire on Griselda Striking her in the head. She was rushed to the hospital, where she eventually was pronounced dead.

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News like this comes straight from south of the border and that is why I kept the article is in spanish. I translated it for you in the intro. Feel free to watch Cocaine Cowboys Part 1 and 2 to find out more about Griselda Blanco.

Informaciones preliminares indican que Griselda Blanco, la mujer que habría introducido a Pablo Escobar al mundo del narcotráfico, fue asesinada este lunes en Medellín.

Sobre las tres de la tarde, en el barrio Belén Parque, de la capital de Antioquia, dos hombres que se movilizaban en moto le habrían disparado en la cabeza en dos ocasiones.

Blanco fue trasladada a la Unidad Intermedia de Belén, pero minutos más tarde perdió la vida.