When it comes to sex there’s a lot of rumors/questions like does size matter? What can sex do for the body? Can all women orgasm? How much sex is too much sex? Are you having enough sex? Is there a cut off age for sex? Because there are so many factors of sex it’s hard to know what is factual and what isn’t but there are 10 crazy known sex facts, read them below.

Julie A.

1. The average frequency for sex is two times per week
2. Heavier men last longer in bed
3. Oral sex could be a cure for morning sickness
4. Sex cures headaches
5. Scratching your ankle feels as good as sex
6. Men think about sleep & food as much as sex
7. Finger length may indicate penis size
8. Female orgasm is a form of natural selection
9. Vibrators were used as medical treatment during the 19th century
10. 25% of men over 65 use the magic blue pill