Day 30 of my diet and weightloss plan. I’ve being going hard for the past 4 weeks and as you can see, the results are crazy!! Down 20 lbs!! You see me out here!! More photos after the jump and my FULL plan! Monday the 17th, I’ll embark on a NEW go-hard workout.

Funk Flex

First meal: Turkey bacon and eggs
Snack: Nectarine and a peach
Second meal: Grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, squash and spinach
Third meal: Turkey bacon and eggs
Last meal: Fish and vegetables
Snack: Granola bar before bed
8 bottles of water a day

2.5 hours of cardio daily (a variation of tennis, bike riding, walk/sprint, roller-skating, elliptical, treadmill, full court basketball)
Light weight-lifting

Fish oil
Water pills

Here’s The Before Pic:

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