Samsung’s Galaxy SIII will be getting the Jellybean upgrade this Fall.. No official date has been set been owners of the SIII can expect an update. As for now the leaked version is available

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

A slew of Jelly Bean leaks have surfaced recently for the Samsung Galaxy S3, allowing users to install, at their own risk, a pre-release Android 4.1 ROM. Most of those leaks, however, were available only for the international version of the handset. Eventually Android 4.1.1 leaked for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 as well, and for the Bell Galaxy S3 variant. The latter also works on other carriers in the region.

hese leaks are not Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs, but leaked firmware versions. The latest Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean version, I9300XXDLI5, can be installed on certain models and can be downloaded and flashed right away if users no longer want to wait for the real deal. Users are advised, however, to wait for the official upgrade.

According to Sam Mobile, the latest leak on Sept. 9 is the “most stable leak EVER.” On the other hand, the publication said the exact same thing about the previous leak, dated Sept. 7, i.e. version I9300XXDLI4. Either way, these two pre-releases build several new things and fix a number of glitches, as follows: