Listen Aaron — at some point in life, we all take an L.  I made the same sort of bet (#GMEN) and now have to rock a Cowboys jersey (wahhhhhh).  A bet is a bet.  Man up!  Don’t worry Juanyto, the pic is coming soon 🙁

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem to understand the way bets work — because even though he LOST a wager to Boyz II Men … he’s now trying to weasel his way out of paying up .

Sabrina B.

TMZ broke the story that the Green Bay Packers star agreed to a friendly bet with the guys from Boyz II Men — if he lost to the 49ers, he had to wear an Alex Smith jersey the following week.

Well, the Pack lost … and Boyz II Men told us they were confident the NFL star would hold up his end of the bargain.

But earlier today, Rodgers addressed the media — and when he was asked about the wager, he sounded like a man trying to get out of donning his rival’s jersey.

“There’s nothing to that,” Rodgers said … adding, “That got blown way out of proportion.”

Still, Rodgers DID acknowledge a bet was made … saying, “It was at best a joke between friends, and, unfortunately, the great reporting of TMZ blew another one.”

What did we blow? You made a bet … you lost … now you’re not living up to it.

In fact, check out the tweet Boyz II Men posted in the final minutes of Sunday’s game … which reads, “Pressing the jersey now!”

Aaron, if anybody blew it … it was you.