It was annouced that the iPhone 5 will release on 3 of the 4 big careeirs which inclde Verizon, Sprint and At&t,  but it was annnouced earlier today that Cricket Wireless  will be offering a contract free Iphone 5.  This is good news for those not looking to attach themselves to any contracts.

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Today, Cricket Wireless (owned by Leep Wireless) announced that they would begin offering the iPhone 5 on September 28th. Pricing is currently unavailable but there’s a sign-up page interested Cricket customers can bookmark for the aforementioned digits.

Many times smaller regional and pre-paid carriers offer far better deals than their national, post-paid giants. If you can get around some of the issues like higher phone pricing, spotty coverage and sometimes slower data speeds, the amount you save is certainly worth considering. Any potential Cricket iPhone 5 users out there?

[Cricket | Via: TNW]