Clearly whatever she was spotted smoking has really got to her head! Even after the judge ordered her NOT to drive she continues to do so and on top of that get into yet another accident! Yes you heard right! What is it going to take for Bynes to stop breaking the law? Read below for full details.

Eloisa Melo

Bynes in better days. (WireImage)Is Amanda Bynes above the law? She seems to think so. Thursday night, just one day after a judge ordered her to stop driving on her suspended license, the actress was once again behind the wheel in West Hollywood – and perhaps even more shocking, she got into yet another car accident.

As the 26-year-old attempted to exit a parking garage on Sunset Boulevard, a group of photographers spotted her and started to take pictures, so she covered her face and hit the gas pedal … even though the car in front of her hadn’t moved (click here for the video). The female driver of the white BMW that Bynes struck immediately hopped out and yelled, “You seriously just f–king hit my car!” but the actress did not respond and kept her face covered. After surveying the damage and realizing there really wasn’t any, the BMW owner got back in her vehicle and drove off, as did Bynes – who was still covering her face as she made her way through the intersection.

On Wednesday, Judge Marsha Revel, who has presided over cases for Lindsay Lohan, told Bynes’ lawyer in court that his client was not to drive because her license was suspended. Revel also made it clear that the next time there was a hearing, the actress had better be there.

Just the day before, Bynes spent hours aimlessly driving all over Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, making stops along the way to pick up fast food, hit a spa, and stop at Home Depot for multi-colored lights. She was also photographed smoking what TMZ purports to be marijuana from a special pipe and laughing to herself in a parking lot.

Bynes is due back in court on September 27 to face two misdemeanor hit-and-run charges. Soon after, she will also have to stand trial for her April 6 DUI, for which she has pleaded not guilty.