WWE commentator/wrestler Jerry Lawler, who had a heart attack this week during a live broadcast of “Monday Night Raw,” sent out his first public statement since his heart attack.


Using the Tout social media platform, Lawler appears from his hospital room in Montreal and thanks his fans for their support since Monday.

Lawler looks surprisingly good, all things considered. His voice is very weak, but he seems to be in good spirits and makes a joke about all the wires and tubes coming out of him.

Doctors say that the fact there was a physician at ringside when Lawler had his heart attack probably saved his life, since he was able to receive CPR immediately.

His heart was shocked seven times with a defibrillator and he was given CPR for 15 minutes. He had three stents put in on Tuesday to open clogged coronary arteries.

Because of the length of time he received CPR, there was some fear he might have suffered brain damage, but all tests came back negative on Wednesday, and he has made a rapid recovery since being taken off of heavy sedation late Tuesday night.

There is still no word on when or if Lawler will be resume his duties with WWE. He had wrestled a match 45 minutes before his heart attack.

Video via Black Sports Online