Chauncey Billups may be a member of the L.A. Clippers, but when OJ Mayo rang him up looking for some advice on where to sign his next deal this past summer, Mr. Big Shot pointed Mayo southward.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

Via ESPN Dallas: ”The plan to have Jason Kidd help recruit Deron Williams to Dallas didn’t quite work out for the Mavs. But the Mavs did get an assist from an old point guard during the free-agency process. It just wasn’t one that’s ever worn a Mavs uniform. O.J. Mayo reached out to Chauncey Billups, one of his favorite players in the league, while researching potential destinations this summer. Billups strongly recommended that Mayo play for Rick Carlisle, who played a significant role in Billups achieving his potential. ‘He said (Carlisle) is a great coach for me to help expand my game,’ Mayo said.

Billups, like Mayo now, was a No. 3 overall pick in his mid-20s who hadn’t lived up high-lottery expectations when he signed with the Carlisle-coached Pistons in the summer of 2002. Detroit was Billups’ fifth NBA team, and while he showed promise as a part-time starter the previous season in Minnesota, he had yet to prove he could be a premier point guard. … Billups’ advice to Mayo: Let Carlisle coach you.”