Lindsay Lohan has had her FAIR share of troubles over the years. Stealing, car crashes, DUI’s…she’s done it all. And though it was very brief, she did have a stint in jail, as well as an accompanying probation. I still think she’s ape sh*t crazy, didn’t get even a quarter of the sentence she deserved and probably will never change…but at least she got something! Fellow childhood star Amanda Bynes is currently going through similar issues, and Linds wants to know why she isn’t getting the same treatment. To be honest, I do echo Lindsay’s sentiments. Amanda got her license suspended weeks ago for DUI, with two separate, unrelated hit-and-run cases pending for her too. Even after that became public information, the former Nickelodeon star still got behind the wheel of her car with no regard for the law, going so far as to even be smoking weed while doing so. Finally, her car was impounded yesterday but there still hasn’t been any talk of jail time…though is may seem she needs some mental illness therapy instead. Lindsay took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the situation. Read below.

Marisa Mendez