Tahiry almost had a REAL awkward moment on Twitter just a little while ago. The curvacious vixen/soon to be Love & Hip-Hop star took to her Instagram account to show herself relaxing after a long day, comfy shorts on and a wine glass in hand. At first glance, I thought nothing of the pic but moments later, my timeline was filled with people going in on her, laughing at the fact she’d unknowingly shown her tampon string in the photo as well! Hand over my mouth in a “Ooh, I feel bad for her,” kind of way, I looked at the photo once again and sure enough…that sure does appear to be a tampon string! But not so fast! Never one to keep her mouth closed or shy away from the haters, Tahiry took to Instagram again just minutes later to clear up the craziness. See the alleged photo, and what it really was below.

Marisa Mendez

“No tampons loserssss… My pants string. Lmao”