As she continues to be WEIRD and go through some issues, Amanda Bynes adds another incident to her growing resume. She lucked out yesterday when the judge made a call on her current DUI cases, not ordering her to jail since they happened BEFORE her license was suspended. This doesn’t stop her craziness though, as apparently an incident in the gym last night had her kicked right out. Details below. Can we get this girl some help PLEASE!

Marisa Mendez

(TMZ) – Gym sources tell us, Amanda was attending a 50-minute spin class at Equinox when she suddenly stopped participating in the class and aimlessly walked around looking to switch bikes.

Once Amanda found a replacement — closer to the room’s giant mirror — we’re told Amanda started cycling again, but removed her top, revealing a “tiny black strapless push up bra … not a sports bra.”

Roughly 25 minutes into the class, we’re told Amanda stopped cycling again — this time to pick up her Louis Vuitton purse … and reapply her makeup.

According to sources, the actress was doing her makeup — lipstick, eyeliner, the whole shebang — for ten full minutes before the instructor grew furious and told her to get out, claiming he couldn’t BELIEVE someone was doing makeup in the middle of his spin class.

Amanda then left the room and the class continued. For the record, the actress has not been permanently banned from the gym.