Amanda Bynes seems to be spiraling out of control right in front of our eyes and now she seems to have no team behind her. The actress has been dropped by her management team, including her publisher, agent, and entertainment lawyer. Her former team all said that Amanda was their dream client and then became hard to work the past 12 months. Amanda has also cut off communication to her team after they attempted to get her the mental help she clearly needs. Hopefully someone can reach her and save her mentally before she goes more off the deep end, hurts herself, or hurts someone else by her antics. Read more below.

Julie A.

Amanda Bynes’ management team is abandoning ship — her agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer have all dropped the actress as a client in the past couple of weeks … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Bynes tell us … all 3 people are telling similar stories — Bynes was a dream client for years … but she became extremely difficult in the past 12 months, some say uncontrollable.

One source tells us the management team hasn’t been able to get in touch with Bynes for the past month — no phone calls, no visits, nada.

According to one source, all 3 members of the team made multiple efforts to help Amanda before she went radio silent — but Bynes was not receptive.

Eventually, the team decided to cut bait … acknowledging they can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped.

As for Amanda, sources close to the 26-year-old tell us … Bynes feels she no longer needs their services because she’s retired from acting and moving into another line of work — fashion.

We tried to reach out to a rep for Bynes — but, well, she doesn’t have one anymore