Recently, we’ve located former Bootylicious video vixen Buffie the Body in the ‘Lost & Found’ section. Just where did we find one of the most infamous booties, who was popular in the early 2000′s? She just released a lengthy (it’s d*mn near an hour) ‘tell all’ video on YouTube, where she addresses all the controversy that’s piled up against her since her jaw dropping debut. The two major ‘issues’ that she addresses are whether or not her booty is real and how and why she left the hip hop modeling scene, along with several career highlights. Buffie all dishes advice to new video girls on baring it all, without being properly compensated.
Peep a few highlights after the jump.

On why she left the video modeling industry:
A lot of the girls are doing reality shows but in order to be the ‘it girl’ and really book shows and guest appearances you have to make a complete mockery of yourself. I’m seeing a lot of girls take the exotic dancing route just to book shows. And then there are the girls that sleep around to stay relevant. And if you still want to model you can only do the same poses for so long, so you’ll begin to do more suggestive poses until you’re completely nude.

On rumors about her butt being a fake:
Questions about my butt being real started way before I became Buffie the Body. I was even surprised. Women can be very hateful towards each other. Maybe they just couldn’t take it. First they said I was wearing butt pads, then it was hormones, then injections with the gays in Atlanta, and then it was that I had implants. My poor butt has been through all kinds of ridicule. I attribute it to genetics, and with the weight gain and exercise the body started coming. What kind of women sit around and make up these rumors? They lack confidence and have extremely low self esteem, they have some kind of turmoil in their life that makes them act like that. These people need self reflection and professional help. My butt is real and I’ve said this 50 million times, I’m not answering that question anymore. It’s up to you to believe it.