Samsung is bringing out the big guns to tocontinue their fight against Apple.  The smartphone giant is planning to bring Google in the fight against Apple.  Samsung is looking for lost royalities from Apple, and looking to get paid.

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`I will meet Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday in Seoul,’’ said Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun at a launch event to unveil Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 held at the company’s main office in downtown Seoul.

Shin declined to give details, but stressed that strategic meetings with major carriers in the United States are set for next week.

Samsung has already been in talks for the development of modified products aimed at escaping from Apple’s design-related patents.

The Google representative arrived in Seoul late Tuesday and Schmidt will hold a news conference with local and overseas media at Google Korea headquarters, downtown Seoul, today, to roll out its Nexus 7 tablet, here.

Lois Kim, the head of communications at Google Korea, refused to give any details about Schmidt’s plans during his stay in Seoul.

The top meeting comes after Apple faces becoming embroiled in a further clash after Samsung said earlier it was intending to sue the firm over technology patent violations in the new iPhone 5.