Vicki Bruce from Reno,Texas was a meth addict that used the drug regularly before the start of her class. The irony is that according to her students she always enforced the rule “Say No To Drugs.”  The hypocritical teacher even had a poster in her classroom and made speeches about how drug use is bad and how it should be avoided. Maybe she made the speeches because she knew,from experience, what drugs can do to one’s life. Hit the jump

Steph B

An elementary school community is in shock after learning a third-grade instructor, recognized by the PTA for her stellar teaching ability, was arrested on Wednesday for using meth on school grounds.
Vicki Bruce allegedly kept the drug wrapped in tin foil stashed away in a photo album in her purse and used it on-and-off over a seven year period – before she would teach her students at the Reno Elementary school in Azle, Texas.
A former student even said that Bruce told her pupils to stay off drugs and kept a ‘Say No To Drugs’ poster in her classroom.

The 46-year-old has taught at the elementary school for 10 years and has received awards for her teaching from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) as well as recognition from her teaching colleagues.
‘It’s very shocking and surprising,’ Patrick McGrath, whose son was a student in Bruce’s class last year, told KDFW-TV.

‘To have a teacher that you trust with your kid doing any kind of drug, that they’re supposed to be teaching them not to do … it’s real shocking.’
In fact, McGrath’s son Nolan said that the teacher gave a speech last year about staying off drugs.
‘We had a no drug poster, he said. ‘She said don’t do drugs. It’s bad for your system and if you do you’ll get caught.’