BMW is celebrating the North American launch of its X1 compact crossover with a special edition and the new lifestyle-oriented concept shown above. The Concept K2 Powder Ride is the summation of a three-year partnership between BMW and sports-equipment manufacturer K2. The companies have slathered the exterior of an X1 with a special graphics package lifted from a limited-edition K2 ski and designers bolted on a custom roof rack to accommodate all sorts of gear. The rack also features a Harman Kardon speaker system for impromptu dance sessions. Or something.

Funk Flex

More importantly, the Concept K2 Powder ride features a little extra ground clearance and 19-inch wheels. Indoors, BMW has graced the machine with a custom interior, complete with black Nappa leather held together by orange contrast stitching.

Back in the real world, the soon-to-be-at-dealers BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition is based on the X1 xLine, complete with aluminum-trim roof rails, a ski and snowboard bag, all-weather floor mats and a pair of special K2 LTD Powder Ride skis. The skis are only available on the X1 Powder Ride Edition. Look for the limited-edition model to show up on dealer lots starting next month.