Perhaps overshadowed at the Paris Motor Show by the carbon fiber chassis bits of the still unnamed Enzo successor, was news from Ferrari about a roof. The oddball Italian supercar maker has announced that its FF will now be available with a full-length panoramic roof – the first of its kind for the manufacturer, since it normally doesn’t have such long roofs to work with. In this case, the roof of the all-wheel drive four-seat hatch is made of a single massive pane of glass.

Funk Flex

According to Ferrari, the new glass roof “gives occupants a genuine open-air driving feeling, while providing thermal and acoustic insulation.” That said, it does not appear that the roof opens, so some of that ‘open air’ experience may come from lowering a window or two.

While there may be some concern over the added weight of such a structure, the FF plays more of a grand touring role when compared to the 458 Italia and F12berlinetta. There is no word on how this feature will affect the price of the FF, or when the new models with the glass roof will go on sale. All we know is, any price or weight changes will be overshadowed now by a spectacular view.