If Karrueche doesn’t drop this man like a hot potato right now, I’m going to find that girl and shake some sense into her! Hopefully those sub-tweets yesterday really were about him! Now on to the juiciness. Chris and Rihanna are both in NYC for various things, and word on the street yesterday was the pair partied at NYC club Griffin and were reportedly making out all night before going to the back. Today, there are multiple pieces of evidence to confirm most of this! First, there is a photo of the two at the club, found by MTO. Then multiple CREDIBLE sources have confirmed the makeout sesh, including US Magazine. Now, the best (/worst, depending on who you ask, LOL) photos have come out…Chris leaving Rihanna’s hotel! But get this…he was later photographed with Karrueche! This is such a mess! Check out the various photos below. Do you want Chris and Ri back together? It’s seeming inevitable at this point!

Marisa Mendez

This is the club they were spotted out at together. Word is they had two separate tables but when Chris saw Rihanna there, he climbed over to hers and started dancing in front of her.

This is Rihanna leaving her hotel earlier that day, the Gansevoort

Then this is Chris leaving the same hotel after the club!

Then, Karrueche was spotted getting out of the car with Chris at HIS hotel! Oh man!