If you were wondering who won last night presidential debate??? The big winner was Twitter, for now at least. Last night’s debate was the most tweeted  political event in U.S. history.  Lets see how Twitter reacts to debate # 2

Yungjohnybravo x TatWZA

There were also at least three, and probably more, fake Big Bird accounts created as an immediate response to a single throwaway line by Mitt Romney about PBS funding, showing how quickly a meme can be born and die.

Personally, we’re not even sure how people followed the debate on Twitter, as the volume of comments had our Tweetdeck column moving so fast it was impossible to keep up. Even so, the idea of watching such a key national event without the instant reactions of your fellow tweeters has become almost unthinkable. If you’re just watching on TV and not taking part in (or at least following) the simultaneous online conversation, then you might as well not even be paying attention at all.

Of course, participating in that conversation has its dangers too, as the humble appliance maker KitchenAid discovered after a rogue tweet last night, posted and quickly deleted after President Obama mentioned his late grandmother.