Falk Weltzien was on Vilano Beach with his 14-year-old son last Monday when he was critically injured while flying a kite on a beach.  Click “more” below for bis amazing survival story!

DJ Matthew Tyler

Weltzien, of St. Augustine, had been hit by as much as one billion volts, enough electricity to light up a small town.

“When I looked at him his eyes were open and he was foaming from the mouth,” said his son Kai. “Then I didn’t look at him anymore because I was really scared.”

An off-duty nurse who was nearby performed CPR.

In a 911 call for the incident, Kai could be heard telling the emergency operator that his father was turning blue.

“Make sure he’s breathing,” the dispatcher replied, advising that CPR be performed on the stricken man.

Weltzien was taken to Flagler Hospital. After a night in the intensive care unit, he survived with no major injuries.

“I’m feeling very thankful,” Falk Weltzien said. “I know I could have been dead.”

Source: Yahoo!