Beyonce joined her hubby on stage last night during his final show at the Barclay’s Center. They performed “Crazy In Love” and “Young Forever” at the show, but she didn’t only leave the crowd in awe – but her man too! Check out exactly what happened after the jump.

Biz Baby

Beyonce looked amazing Saturday night in her tight black pants, leather jacket and high heels. As she began “Crazy In Love”, the whole crowd was at awe.. including her hubby, Jay-Z. He was spotted in the wings, while the camera was focused on him – he had the biggest smile on his face.

He missed his cue for his rapping part in the song & goes, “Oh sh*t”, then he rushes to join her.

It’s so ridiculously cute! Ever since their baby girl, Blue Ivy, was born – they’ve been even happier! Extremely happy for them!