New Website From Complex Network Called
Ok before I am able to give you the details, I have to tell you, this is truly Exciting to My ‘inner fat bastard’!! If you’re a Foodie(Def. a person with a particular interest in food) like me, PLEASE Hit the Jump for an Amazing insight into some delicious dishes!!!!


Just reading this site makes me hungry as hell!!! Complex network launched this site, So you know as a fact that this is going to be the Best Food site on the Web!!!

Ok let me just give you a few links to see for yourself that you will want to bookmark this site in your browser:

1st, check the homepage, set up a lot like complex, just all about Food!!

Now the homepage has everything you need, But they are not just giving you loose recipes, they are breaking down how, when, where, why & who you may want to eat with!! They Have dedicated people working with this site giving you years of eating experience, like:

Christina Tosi showing you 10 Dishes that made her career


“Top Chefs” Dale Talde’s Musical choice while he Makes some of his favorite dishes in a unique article called “Press Play


Gif Gallery’s THE “O” FACES OF FOOD TELEVISION, which is kinda self explanatory 0_o


For All the Hip-Hop heads that drink from time to time, NAS tells us why he thinks Most Mixologist Have NO Swag, I’m sorry, did I say ‘thinks’, He Proves!!!

I hope If you are a Foodie, you visit this site regularly, because I haven’t seen another site on the web as intricately put together for your ‘tastes’ (Fat Bastards Rejoice!!!!)