Former LA Lakers point guard Smush Parker is calling out Kobe Bryant for being a diva who treated his teammates like crap — and it comes just hours after Kobe blamed Parker for costing him a huge trophy 7 years ago.


Parker played with Kobe during the 2005-06 season, and tells TMZ the Lakers great is only lashing out because he once dared to say Kobe was “overrated” as a teammate.

Parker’s never explained what he meant by that, but now tells us … Kobe “told me out of his own mouth that I couldn’t talk to him. That my accolades under my belt weren’t deserving enough for me to talk to him.” He also says Kobe didn’t talk to most of his teammates.

Parker says he’s opening up about Kobe’s diss because Kobe told reporters earlier today … he lost the ’05-’06 NBA MVP trophy to Steve Nash because he was surrounded with no-talent players that season.

Kobe said, “I tell Steve, you won MVP, but I was playing with Smush Parker.”

Kobe piled on more, saying … “He shouldn’t have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. So we let him walk on.”

Parker, who’s currently hooping overseas, says his stats prove he was far from “the worst” … as Kobe claims … and adds, “People lie, numbers don’t.”