Sad story… legendary reggae/dancehall artist Capt. Barkey was gunned down in The Bronx Saturday night after being approached by stalker boyfriend of female he was having sex with in a Motel. Check out full story after the jump.

DJ RellyRell

A jilted lover stalked and shot his ex-girlfriend and her new beau, ignoring her desperate pleas for mercy early Saturday outside a seedy Bronx motel.
The killer was waiting when the couple emerged from the Holiday Motel around 3:10 a.m., and he blasted more than two dozen bullets at the helpless duo, witnesses and police said.
“Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” wailed Tracy Bennett, 38, before the shooter gunned the twosome down in the parking lot. The slain woman had an order of protection against her killer, police sources said.
Bennett and her boyfriend, Wayne Hamilton, 50, were about to leave in her white Toyota Camry when the gunman sprinted out of the darkness and opened fire, the sources said.

Hamilton hopped from the passenger seat and tried to escape the hail of bullets that cut him down just outside the motel office, sources and witnesses said.
The suspect then turned his pistol on the weeping Bennett as she stood next to her parked sedan, its motor still running.
The doomed woman pleaded for her life before he opened fire, sources and witnesses said.
“I looked out my window and saw a lady standing there,” said Ricky Gugliotta, who was staying in a nearby room with some friends celebrating a pal’s birthday. “She was begging him not to shoot her, but then he shot her twice and she went down.”

Both Bennett, of Elmont, L.I., and Hamilton, a Milwaukee deejay known as Captain Barkey, were dead at the scene. Luggage was still in their hotel room. They never checked out.
Witness Damone Jackson, 38, said the shooter was bouncing nervously around the parking lot before he opened fire.
“I saw the guy running around. He was dancing all over the place,” Jackson said. “Then, I heard the shots. It sounded like about 30 shots. It was like two clips worth.”
Investigators believe the assassin was her ex-boyfriend, described only as a bald man, sources said. He sped away from the scene in a blue Honda sedan and was still at large Saturday.
Hamilton, who grew up in Jamaica, Queens, flew into the city on Friday night to meet up with his old pals, according to a friend.
The motel, which sits on a service road of the New England Thruway, has been wrapped in crime scene tape before.
A mother of five children was found dead inside a room at the motel in January 1997. A maid found the body of Rosa Morilla, 39, lying on the floor with multiple stab wounds and her throat slit, reports show.
Her boyfriend, Mohammad Cheema, then 32, ’fessed up to the slay and claimed that he killed her because she backed out of a promise to marry him.
Cheema, an illegal alien from India, said the marriage was so he could live in the U.S. legally.
A few years later, in October 2003, cops from the Bronx public moral squad raided the Holiday Motel on suspicions it was a hooker haven.
Two women were arrested during the bust, and the hotel was shut down under the city’s nuisance abatement laws.
The sting was part of a year-long push to padlock several Bronx motels that were known to draw prostitution and drug activity.
It was not clear whether any recent complaints have been filed at the Holiday Motel, but guests said they were shocked by the brutal double murder.
Niki Berino, who was partying with Gugliotta in a second-floor room just above the murder scene, said they quickly cut the lights after hearing gunshots outside their door.
“We heard the gunshots and all got down,” Berino said. “I looked out and saw a dead body. I’m freaking out.”
Jackson said he was about to pay for a room at the motel, but his girlfriend had a bad feeling just moments before the gunfire erupted.
“She said, ‘Let’s go to another spot. I don’t like this place,’ ” Jackson said.
He soon saw the shooter and heard the thunder of gunfire.
Jackson said he was grateful his girlfriend’s sixth sense kept him from walking up to the office and booking a room.
“I was about to check in five minutes before it happened,” he said. “I thank God that I didn’t come in here.”