Did you download Halo 4, have plans on playing online, I would’nt suggest it.  Microsoft says they plan on banning consoles from xbox live if anyone is caught playing Halo 4.

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In a move that should surprise no one at all, Microsoft is issuing permanent Xbox Live bans to pirates of Halo 4. Pirates are now receiving emails explaining the situation, reports MCV. The emails note that the user in question has been “permanently suspended for illegitimate prerelease title play.” Lest the word “permanent” be unclear, the email goes on to note that “Xbox Live privileges will not be reinstated.” Microsoft pursued a similar course of action prior to the 2010 release of Halo: Reach.

It’s worth noting that the email refers to Xbox Live “account privileges,” which may indicate that Microsoft is banning user accounts but not the actual console on which they reside. In such cases, users can regain access to Xbox Live by starting a new account (which means paying for a new account in the case of Xbox Live Gold). We’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out if consoles are being banned as well.