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When Alex Rodriguez was benched in game 1 of ALCS, he spent that time hitting a two women.  A-Rod reportedly threw a baseball into the stands asking one of the women for her number. The media has gone crazy over the story and they have now identified the lady.


The Daily Mail has identified that women as Kyna Treacy, a bikini model and designer from Australia. The Daily Mail originally reported that Treacy was 33 years old, but she went to her Twitter account to say that she’s actually 27.

You can check out some of her pics in the gallery above & Treacy also appeared in this Air Pacific commercial below:

SOURCES:  New York Post & USAToday & DailyMail



Alex Rodriguez did have a ball delivered to two female fans in the Yankee Stadium crowd during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, and it was witnessed by New York Yankees personnel, a team source confirmed.

The New York Post reported that Rodriguez, who had been removed from the game for a pinch hitter, had written a note on the ball in search of one of the women’s phone numbers and had a ball boy deliver it to the fans. The newspaper identified the women as Kyna Treacy, an Australian bikini model, and her friend Kate Quinn.

“It’s true,” the team source said. “It was witnessed in the dugout. The whole thing is true.” When asked about the Post report Tuesday, Rodriguez told’s Wallace Matthews, “Don’t believe any of that (expletive).”

Yankees manager Joe Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman said before the Game 3 loss to the Detroit Tigers that Rodriguez was benched for the matchup with Justin Verlander for performance reasons only, and the source supported that claim.

“The only reason Alex didn’t play was because he’s been struggling so much against right-handed pitchers,” the source said. “His benching had nothing to do with this story. He would’ve been in there if the Tigers started a lefty. Even if Sandy Koufax was on the mound, he would’ve played.”

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