Richard Pryor and his wife Jennifer

A new film about jazz legend Nina Simone is in the works, and the character of Richard Pryor will have an appearance in it. The man tapped to do so thought it’d be the right thing to reach out to Pryor’s widow just to get her blessing, and in doing so, may have set himself up for an even bigger part! Jennifer Pryor was so touched by the gesture, she’s now strongly considering him to play Richard in an entire biopic about him! Have any guesses as to who? I’ll tell you who it’s definitely not…Eddie Murphy! Says Jennifer, “Having Eddie Murphy play Richard Pryor would be like having Al Jolson play Malcolm X.” (Jolson is a white actor from way back when, known for performing in blackface.) Find out who below!

Marisa Mendez

Mike Epps! Can you see a resemblence? Jennifer on Mike:

“That was very sweet and respectful that he called me first. I am happy that they picked him. He is a real good guy.”

TMZ adds:

The Pryor movie is still in development, but Jennifer — who’s acting as a producer on the film — says she believes Epps is one of the few actors capable of an “authentic portrayal” of Pryor.