A Florida man literally sh*t himself while he was being arrested for punching a police officer. William Liddell was approached by police officers after they watched Liddell hit another car with his own, he put his vehicle into reveres and punched a cop in the face while trying to get away. Liddell was arrested after police called for back-up to help them control the situation. Read more below.

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Liddell has been charged with numerous charges including DUI, battery, resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license and more.

Blows were exchanged, and Liddell was finally restrained after backup arrived. As the deputy was photographing Liddell and his injuries, he noticed the shitty situation that was on hand. According to a police report, Liddell “defecated in his pants” during the struggle.
Liddell currently faces several charges, including aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, DUI, driving with a suspended license and two counts of resisting an officer with violence.