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“The Man with the Iron Fists – You can’t spell Kung Fu without F and U” in theaters November 2nd.   Another GlobalGrind.com Exclusive!!!!!
Hey Everyone! Because I’m so excited about my boy Rza’s The Man With The Iron Fists flick coming out on Friday, November 2nd , I want you guys to check out GlobalGrind’s “Assemble your Clan” promotion- where you can put together your very own Iron Fists Crew by picking friends from Facebook for a chance to win $2,500. All you have to do is pick up to 4 friends that fit the bill. Who is the “Socialite” in your clan? Shoot, I think I know who I’d pick. Also, what would you name your clan? The possibilities are endless!

Funk Flex

Anyway, this game is all about getting the highest score! Your score will be dependent on a bunch of different things.  You can earn points by tweeting, watching videos, sharing articles, and adding Instagram photos -all in the game app. You’ll be able to track your progress via a leaderboard in the game app. Believe me, the prize is worth it! You and your friends have a chance to win $2,500 CASH! That’s crazy!
I assembled my Clan….Check out my Iron Fists clan and create yours now.

Leaderboards for 'assemble your clan'

Click here to start your clan  http://bit.ly/VbBGvp


Also:  Official Movie link: http://www.ironfists.com/


But Here’s The RZA & I talking about it 1st hand!!!