Seems like ever since Stacey Dash dropped the bomb that she’s supporting Mitt Romney, a lot of people have been feeling a certain way about it. First we had Kimora Lee Simons calling Stacey “irrelevant” and accusing her of using it as a publicity stunt. And now we have Vivica A. Fox calling Stacey out publicly as well. Hit the jump to see what Vivica said and to also see who else also recently called out Stacey. Make sure to let us know what your opinion is! Do you think people are being too hard on Stacey for having an opinion? Or do you think she is using her Romney-claim as a stunt?

Melissa Nash

Ever since Stacey decided to publicly announce her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Twitter, she’s been ripped to shreds, especially from the black community. The backlash was immediate with even a few celebs like Talib Kweli to Samuel L. Jackson tweeting their reactions. ‘Wait, did Stacey Dash Really endorse Romney today?! REALLY????! Is she CRA………..??!’, tweeted Samuel L. Jackson who recently starred in an ad campaign for President Obama.

The Grio recently caught up with fellow actress Vivica A. Fox and when she was asked what her reaction was to Stacey’s Mitt Romney support as well as if she thought the backlash was fair, she calmly ripped her for taking a photo in a ‘baywatch’ swimsuit as a way to show her support. She said:

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Also, click here to watch Stacey defend her choice.