IFWT Review Of Jabra's "Solemate" Wireless Speaker
S/O the Boss Man Ebro on this Hook Up!!! Alright, I am Very Excited about this piece of Technology!! Jabra is shaking things up in the Audio world with the “Solemate” Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, ‘The Ultimate Portable Speaker’, and I got a chance to get my ‘hands on’ this bad boy, and I’m blown away about how Dope it is!!! Hit the Jump for the Goods!!!


So I know I get slightly biased when I get New Tech, mostly just because I am such a geek, I love All Tech, although I did a review of new blackberry’s last year, and even thoughI said dope in the post, it really wasn’t, BUT this is a totally diff story, This Speaker is THE TRUTH!!!!

Of course once you start the gallery you’ll see what I was able to get through. Go to to Jabra.com for full specs(Pretty Dope though!!)

Here are 2 Vids you should see before you cruise through the gallery:

Actually I like to call it Mobile, But it is definitely Portable, Once you tun it on, pair it with you bluetooth, and BOOM you on!! Really Quick and Painless, order yours on Jabra.com, But beware it will set you back $199, But if you got it, Totally worth it!!!

Sound Quality is Amazing on this Small Speaker, once connected you will be able to hear everything from Music to phone calls, Just Amazing!!!

Ok Now Please Go through the gallery to see eventful information on the Jabra “Solemate” Portable Speaker, and if you ever need to get back to the page from the gallery, just hit the title!!!