Karrueche leaves Greystone Manor's Halloween party

Chris Brown and Karrueche sure have been together a lot for a pair that “broke up” recently. In fact, if I was Rihanna…I’d be too embarrassed to be out with Chris again! At this point, it’s just disrespectful! It’s like one night he’s with Rih, the next he’s with Kae, then he’s with Rih again, then with Kae! How are these two ladies letting this rock?! Whatever works for them, I suppose. Last night, Kae and Chris both hit up L.A. hotspot Greystone Manor for a Halloween party, with Chris rocking some sort of dead baseball player look and Kae in what appears to be a Geisha costume. Though they came and left separately, the fact they’re in the same spot speaks volumes…and Kae’s tweets afterward seem to allude to some sort of nightcap! Hmm! The love-triangle continues.

Marisa Mendez