It’s a somber Halloween in this part of the country, as many little ones in NY, NJ and PA aren’t able to go trick-or-treating as usual today. Many state officials have made the decision to postpone the holiday (BAWSE move, lol) to either the weekend or next week (please check your township websites), or confine the festivities to just the mall. Which, while candy is still candy, it takes away from the fun of it, for sure! If you fall under that umbrella but still want to make TODAY special for your undoubtedly restless little ones, here are some ideas for you! Hope they help!

Marisa Mendez

1. Start new traditions! I’m sure you have tons of Halloween candy you were planning to give out to trick or treaters, so now you can use that on your kids. Tell them the Great Jack O’Lantern will come at nightfall, and have another adult in the house with them at that time to distract them. Hide candy around the house, give them their trick or treat bags and voila! No power? No problem! It will be all the more fun looking with a flashlight! Just don’t hide the candy TOO well! LOL!

2. Tell spooky stories while roasting marshmallows around the fireplace. This can be remixed in a variety of ways. If you don’t have a fireplace, use an unscented candle. If you have Bunsen burners, that’s even better. I have used them for indoor s’mores making and it’s awesome! If you don’t have marshmallows, most stores are now open and I’m sure you’d love to get out of the house. And if that’s not an option, nix the marshmallows and just use the fire! Or even a flashlight.

3. Have a Halloween fashion show. Invite friends over, let your kids dress up, do their makeup and the whole nine. Find some items in your house to make the runway. Perhaps some wrapping paper, maybe rip up a cardboard box and lay the pieces flat, even just mark off a section with tape (if it won’t ruin the floor). Or pull that long rug from the hallway and throw it in the living room. Have each child use their creativity to write up (or tell you to write up) an index card for the “announcer.” Flashlights can make for the runway lights. Gather the crowd, then let your kids have a ball!

4. Arts & crafts. You’d be surprised what you can do with markers and toilet paper rolls! Make it a competition or a game for all participants in your house to find random items that can be used as crafts, pull out the supplies and get to work.

5. This may take some extra work, but it can still be fun. The adults AND the kids can dress up…and you can trick or treat from the comfort of your own home! You have a bunch of rooms in the house or apartment right? Think about it: closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc! Close every door, put adults or your teenagers behind the door (you’ll likely have to go to various rooms, lol) and trick or treating indoors is under way!