They are saying, and I quote “The Impact On Science Will Be Terrible”, Damn You Sandy, Trying to send mankind back a bit, Confused?? No Prob, Hit the Jump!!!!


Maybe this will explain a bit:

An executive at another New York City hospital, who asked to remain anonymous, just shared with us the following:
I just spoke to a friend at NYU medical campus and she is just shocked at the surroundings. The research labs lost ALL their mice (1000s) and most of their research samples. The labs are destroyed, the smell is apparently intense. The hospital is empty—and they’re devastated.
Beyond the obvious impact on patient care—and I just heard Bellevue is now evacuating all the patients they didn’t already—this has a domino effect for patients at other hospitals: Can we all expand to accommodate more than our own patient loads?—the impact on the science will be terrible. It is a sad sad day for science.

If you’re Not sure, This means all the tests they were doing for Medicine, and finding ways to heal Faster, and Better, are LOST, and If you don’t know, NYU Medical is one of the leaders in this field…This Truely is a sad Day, But we aren’t sure How sad as no one has said exactly what types of experiments they were doing -_-

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