Here we go again!  I usually love trash talking, but when it comes to this much wanted Mayweather/Pacquiao fight – the only thing I want to hear is that a deal has been done!  I know, I know…wishful thinking. smh.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. believes Manny Pacquiao’s willingness to accept a sub-50% cash split for a fight is a sign of desperation.


Pacquiao recently made the admission that he would be content to take 45% of the money if a bout was agreed between the pair, with the majority going to Mayweather.

The revelation came in the wake of Pacquiao’s defeat to Timothy Bradley, which followed a disputed points triumph over Juan Manuel Marquez, who he meets again on December 8th.

“In my opinion, Manny Pacquiao is desperate,” Mayweather told “He doesn’t make his own decisions, because Manny Pacquiao has a boss, his promoter [Bob Arum], who makes his decisions.

“Once you take a loss and you’re on the decline… Listen, Manny Pacquiao, whether he got cheated or not [against Bradley], his stock drops enormously after taking a loss. No matter how you took a loss, you took a loss.”