Juvenile's son, Young Juve

Last week, people were outraged when an allegedly old video surfaced of upcoming teenaged rapper Lil Reese brutally beating up a young woman. With that case, the entire exchange was caught on film and we watched as the girl asked him to get out of her home, he got annoyed, a verbal argument ensued and he decided to take it to relentless blows. This week, another teenaged rapper’s video surfaced of a similar situation…but it may not be so similar after all. Juvenile’s son goes by the name of Young Juve and is looking to follow in his father’s musical footsteps. Last night, the guys attended some sort of Halloween party with the whole family, and things didn’t end well. What surfaced on Worldstar was the end of a fight, where we can only see Young Juve kicking and punching a girl that is down, but we don’t know what led up to that. According to his Twitter, she had actually started it by hitting both his mother and his sister. As a female, I of course would never, ever say domestic violence is okay, but sometimes…the girls ask for what they get. I can’t say whether or not this is such a case, but take a look at the video for yourself. He promises that when the full video comes out, we’ll know the whole story and his name will be cleared. Time will tell!

Marisa Mendez