Could things really be getting this nasty between 50 and Floyd?!  Yesterday 50 Cent took to Twitter to announce that ‘The Money Team’ is OVER & then proceeded to go in.

Floyd has been church mouse on the situation but did send a couple tweets letting people know that The Money Team still exists and he’s the boss.  We all know about the beef between Fif and Rick Ross – could Floyd be teaming up with Ross to start a new ‘TMT’?!  Twitter was buzzing after Rosay sent out a tweet yesterday afternoon that suggests it’s a possibility.


The tweet isn’t clear and can be taken 2 ways:  Rick Ross and Floyd could start a new ‘TMT’ OR was Rick Ross just jumping in the mix (taking shot at 50) saying that MMG’s taking over, making money?!

– Check it out & let us know what you think….

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Spotted at BT
Lead Photo via BET