I’m not very heavily into politics, so you won’t catch me following many government officials on my Twitter (sorry Barack, you still got my vote though!). However, one person I do find quite a joy in twatching is Newark, NJ mayor, Cory Booker. With over one million followers under his belt, the politician has used social media like no other official before him to help his city, especially in times of need. During the dreadful snow storms of winter 2010/2011, Cory was getting status reports from his residents via Twitter, bringing aide to their doorstep after they alerted him of their conditions and DM’d him their address. In Hurricane Sandy, he was just as instrumental. In fact, he even opened his home to residents with no power, providing them with hot meals, movies and more! While responding to concerned citizens during a Twitter spurt yesterday, though, he received and gave the funniest tweet ever! Check it out below! Got to love him!

Marisa Mendez