Dwayne Wade was under fire for a tweet he made yesterday that ended up being a complete misunderstanding.  Now he’s even doing something about it.  I applaud Wade for this.  It’s always great to see celebs/athletes giving back!

Wade said Friday’s Heat-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in storm-ravaged New York City should have been postponed, and he told USA TODAY Sports he will donate his salary from the game to charity.


When it comes to road venues, “It’s my favorite place to play,” Wade told USA TODAY Sports of the Garden. “But just knowing a lot of people here and knowing what they’ve been going through with no power, no water, no food … to me, it just seems like there’s bigger things to be concerned about than a basketball game.

“Even though I know life goes on and you still have to do certain things, I just felt that they canceled the game in Brooklyn, then this one would be canceled as well. … The game tonight shouldn’t be played.

Wade plans to donate his pay from Friday’s game – approximately $210,000 before taxes – to charity, and said he and his teammates are looking for the right charitable organization.

“The money I make tonight can be left for a good cause,” he said. “I know a lot of people here. Knowing the things they have been through, it’s just mind-boggling. Miami is a place that is affected by hurricanes all the time so I know how the community can be impacted by it. It’s tough.”


WRITTEN BY Jeff Zillgitt at USA TODAY Sports