If you don’t know what’s going on with 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team here is somewhat of an understanding of the whole thing. As I looked on my time line, I see Fif saying “he’s not TMT and that it’s over” and nothing, no response from Floyd’s side. Then Fif starts talking about different boxers and who’s ready for Floyd – shooting Mayweather’s name in the air and saying “Floyd don’t duck this guy when he moves up” and still nothing from Floyd. Now people are thinking “WTF is going on?” while we still don’t have concrete evidence, it’s being presented to us that Mayweather and 50 are not moving in unison anymore. Then boom Floyd starts talking(or typing whichever your prefer). Could it be? Then Ross and Mayweather take to Twitter and announce a MMG x Money Team = Oil Money(something like that). Out of nowhere Floyd’s twitter page gets active and starts throwing shots in the direction of 50. Which brings us here to the breakdown of what’s going on. There are a lot of people saying this it’s a publicity stunt and if it is then damn that was good, because even ESPN had a segment about their break up. I’m not going to say who’s getting the better of who in this tweef(I think ya’ll really don’t care for my opinion anyway). Almost forgot, 50’s new boxing management company is called SMS the same name of his headphone company. So in the meantime click below and check out what has transpired between the two.

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