Daylight Saving Time is approaching this weekend and it is coming during the worst of times for us in the Tristate. The clocks will spring an hour back at 2 am on November 4th and the sun will set sooner for us already in the dark because of the storm, but one great thing will come out of this. For us that have to work regardless of the current times, we will get an extra hour of sleep! If you are partying, you have an extra hour of partying! We’ll probably be in a better mood with that extra sleep. Hit the jump
Steph B

Falling back may even help us prioritize sleep. After this weekend, it will get dark earlier, which could prompt us to hit the hay sooner, especially compared to the long, well-lit summer evenings that encouraged us to stay up past our bedtimes.

It may even remind us to value sleep long after this weekend comes and goes. In the days after the spring transition, car accidents, heart attacks and injuries on the job all increase. But after we turn the clocks back, we see a decrease in heart attacks and car accidents, a testament to the power of sleep, says Oexman. “It shows the importance of even gaining one hour of sleep.