The New York Knicks destroyed the defending champion Miami Heat last night 104-84.  It was a huge boost for the city after being ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  It was also a boost for Rasheed Wallace who returned to the game after a two-year hiatus, but he’s back with a new role.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

With the game already wrapped up and in the bag Knicks coach Mike Woodson asked Wallace if he wanted to play.  “You want to play, Rasheed?” Woodson asked. “You want to play some? Let’s go.”  The fans were chanting his name and he delivered sinking a three-pointer and pushing the Knicks lead back up to 20.

Rasheed still isn’t in playing shape and most likely won’t get any heavy minutes anytime soon but he’s now gotten a comparison to Brian Scalabrine.  I’m sure everyone remembers fan favorite Scalabrine (now a broadcaster), a popular guy who rode the bench for the Bulls and Celtics.  When either team was up in a blowout game fans would chant for Scalabrine to get on the court and play the meaningless minutes.

“I accept my Brian Scalabrine role. I’m cool with it.”

—Knicks big man Rasheed Wallace, who has played a very limited role so far this season, as reported by Jeff Zillgitt of the USA Today.

Their role is about all Wallace and Scalabrine have in common.  Rasheed is of course more talented but other than that we all know his temperament, this is where he and Scalabrine are night and day.