He may be rich and famous, but not even Jay-Z was untouchable by the “Perfect Storm.” When Hurricane Sandy raged through the east coast last week, millions were left without power, without homes, some even without family members. Though Jay only suffered the power loss for a few days in his downtown apartment, he and his wife Beyonce are both concerned about those who fared way worse. Below, Jay sends his prayers to the victims and here, you can check out Beyonce’s list of places you can find help from.

Marisa Mendez

Via his site:

Reflecting on the first game in Brooklyn and thinking about the hurricane.

Thinking about being undefeated and all the losses/wins that lie ahead. Life will always throw adversity and tragedy at us. We remain resilient!

Heartfelt prayers go out to those who lost their lives and to the families who continue the fight.

The above photo is the picture he included in the post.