Instagram is 2 years in, it was in due time they decided to shake things up, as most social networks do.  Some people end up liking the new look some well end up hating it. Well today Instagram did the unthinkable and finally launched a web counter part.  Some people hated the fact that you could not use Instagram online or view pics online. The only way users could see pictures was to use 3rd party site Statigram.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA


The most striking thing about the new web profiles, which are being gradually rolled out to users, is its resemblance to Facebook Timeline. An animated, rotating mosaic of Instagram photos occupies about the same amount of space as Facebook Timeline’s Cover photo; a small profile image, short bio and follower stats are situated just beneath. Photo thumbnails are organized in reverse-chronological order further down the page; click on one, and it’ll appear at full size alongside likes and comments.

For the first time, users can like and leave comments on photos from the web, and follow new users as well.

Profiles’ resemblance to Timeline is not particularly surprising given that Instagram was acquired by Facebook this past September for $715 million. It does suggest that deeper integration between the two networks may come in future iterations.