Yesterday Anonymous claimed they hacked NBC’s site but as far as hacking Paypal’s site they’re not taking credit for that. The funny thing is nobody actually hacked into Paypal’s site. Even though Anonymous made their claims on Twitter, a recent check by Paypal on Sunday showed the site was hack free.

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Members of the loose hacking collective claimed credit for dumping 28,000 passwords online that they said belonged to PayPal customers. They said the attack was part of a much larger hacking campaign, involving PayPal, Symantec, several Australian government sites and more, that was timed to Guy Fawkes Day, the British holiday commemorating a failed 17th-century plot to blow up British Parliament. Anonymous usurped Guy Fawkes as their brand and is often seen protesting in Guy Fawkes masks ever since the release of the 2006 film “V for Vendetta,” which featured a Guy Fawkes-inspired protagonist.

Although Anonymous’s claims went viral on Twitter and were picked up by several media outlets, it appears the attack on PayPal never happened. The 28,000 passwords actually belonged to ZPanel, a free open source hosting site. Anuj Nayar, a PayPal spokesman, said the payments company had been investigating the attack since Sunday night and concluded that there was no evidence any of its data had been breached.