Let’s say it collectively, y’all: HOES AIN’T ISH! Singer and X-Factor judge Cee-Lo Green was accused of sexual assault recently, with the accuser saying he’d drugged her and took advantage of her back in July. Often in these cases, it turns out to be nothing but a money-hungry girl looking for some fame and some loot, but we can’t downplay the instances when they do turn out to be factual. However, this case is seeming like it’s going to turn out to be former, as new information that has come out looks like it will help Cee-Lo’s argument that it was nothing but consensual. The details below!

Marisa Mendez

It’s been discovered that this isn’t the first time the two had met at all, with a history of hanging out (and Cee even flying her out to chill) going back to months earlier at the Superbowl, where they’d met. They’d hung out that weekend, and have frequently texted, spoke on the phone and hung out since then. Sources told TMZ she “sometimes asked Cee Lo to buy her expensive things and even asked his friend how she could get him to buy her expensive things.” Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold-digger….

On the night she’s now accusing him of rape, the source explains that though they both took E, she wasn’t “drugged” and “no one was unconscious.” Apparently, she’s involved with someone back home in Texas and he’d gotten wind that she was being a groupie hanging with Cee-Lo, so she made this whole thing up so that she could save her own ass! SMH! However, her camp is still saying that have Cee on tape apologizing for drugging her. Let’s see what happens!